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Code Beer Company

200 S. Antelope Valley Parkway

Lincoln, NE 



Sunday 200pm - 800pm

Monday 200pm - 1100pm

Tuesday 200pm - 1100pm

Wednesday 200pm - 1100pm

Thursday 200pm - 1100pm

Friday 100pm - 1200am

Saturday 100pm - 1200am


Code Beer Company sits at the corner of Antelope Valley Parkway and N streets in Lincoln, Nebraska. They reworked the space to accommodate a 15 bbl brewery and a taproom that combines the building's century-old character with a modern finish. The atmosphere is laid-back and comfortable with plenty of space and seating options.

Code currently has 14 different beers on tap and occasionally have food vendors offering tasty treats. On days where food isn’t being served at the taproom, guests are welcome to bring in their own food. Their goal is for you to be comfortable during your time with Code! That's why they are open seven days a week. When you're ready for CODE, they are ready for you.

To plan a visit or keep up to date on all events please visit Code Beer Company’s website (insert website here)

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